As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the large cost of investing in custom skis. This is often the most prohibitive factor when it comes to making this type of investment. However, this cost is not for nothing; these skilled, professional craftspeople spend hours of time manufacturing the perfect, personalized ski. Here, briefly, is the process and about how much of your money will go into each step.


  • Basic Information Dump–You’ll need to provide your maker with your height, weight, experience level, and preferred terrain. You should also let your maker know how much you ski each season—are you a weekend skier, or an after-work rider? This process should take just an hour to complete and process, so expect this to soak up $20-$30 of your cost.
  • Consultation—This is often a sit-down conversation with your maker and the team. You’ll discuss your goals for a custom ski, as well as preferred materials, style, and expectations. This will likely take around one hour, so again, you should expect it to soak up $20-$30 of your cost.
  • Design—After your design consultation, the maker will likely send you a full, digitized ski design recommendation for your approval. This will include the technical specs of the skis, a description of the expected performance, and a shape drawing. This type of work will take between two and four hours to complete, so expect it to comprise $40-$120 of your total cost.
  • Materials—This is where a lot of your cost is going to go. The material will likely dictate final cost and the amount of labor necessary to produce the ski. This piece of the process is very difficult to predict, as it is incredibly variable. Put aside at least $300 for this part of the process.
  • Build—Creating a custom pair of skis takes time, and most of your budget will go toward the maker’s labor and skill. A pair of custom-built skis will take anywhere from five to ten hours to create; you should expect to pay $100-$300 for this part of the process.

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