DC has a great shell but as of late their liners have not been on par with their shell. It can make for a ride that isn’t as comfortable as some boots out there. Still DC Snowboarding Boots are one of the better brands out there, especially when they’re broken in. You won’t find many riders who will part with their favorite DCs.

The upgrade to the BOA system is well thought out and now on par with their top of the line configuration which makes for much better upper and lower adjustment. Both the upper and lower are completely separate now when it comes to adjusting so it’s almost like a Speed Lace boot. This is radical in the boot design world. Also, the new lacing system has fewer pressure points making this one of the better mid flexing double BOA boots out there. So, spend the money on the 2012 if better adjustability and comfort is important to you, but if not, the 2011 configurations for DC is still pretty decent.


Just what is an articulating Cuff? 

If you don’t know what an articulating cuff is, it’s simply that the upper and lower panels of the boot are separate. The top cuff is only attached at the back and then wraps around the front. When you flex forward, it doesn’t stretch out the boot and over time it stays closer to its original shape and stiffness. It also creates a more natural and comfortable forward flex when riding. It is generally more comfortable than a standard boot. Plus, you’ll look like Dapper Dan coming down the mountain at break neck speeds.

Whichever you choose, both have articulating cuffs, so it’s basically just a matter of your taste in your personal tastes and style. Both boots are great and are going to keep you happy more than sad. Ride safe out there and check out our home page for more articles.

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