You’ve made the decision to purchase custom skis and have finally skied a season with them. Shredding in a custom set is easy, but protecting your marker’s handiwork can be very difficult—especially in the summer months. As with all ski equipment, it is essential to maintain your skis during the season and the off-season. As summer reaches its zenith, we’d like to review a few essential ski storage and care tips to ensure your custom pair glides as smoothly this season as it did on the first day.


  • When traveling, fasten your skis with a Velcro ski tie. Allowing the edges to scissor will dull them.
  • Store skis in a rack, held upright in a dry, shaded location with plenty of ventilation. This is essential for both long- and short-term storage.
  • Allowing your polyethylene base to dry out will lead to decreased gliding efficiency. Wax your skis frequently during the season, then use a protective wax for the long summer months.
  • Polish your edges regularly using a fine diamond stone. If you truly want your custom skis to shine, polish the edges after every day of skiing. Weekly is also acceptable, but be sure to do this at least one each month.
  • Don’t zip wet skis into a ski bag; this can lead to edge rust. Instead, dry skis thoroughly before storing or shipping.
  • Never carry unprotected skis on a car roof-rack; they may be exposed to road salt, which will lead to edge rust and binding corrosion.
  • Minor rock damage to the base can be cleaned up with a sharp knife. Cut away any flap or string that might drag in the snow, then patch the gouge later.
  • Ultraviolet light will damage plastic, breaking down polyethylene molecules and making your bases weak and brittle. Don’t expose the ski bases or topsheets to bright sunlight for long periods.

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